About Us

About GI Nature Alliance

Our Mission: To promote, protect, and restore the Grand Island natural environment through education, partnership, and engagement with our community.

Grand Island’s unique features and importance to wildlife are as tantamount to species survival as those in the Galapagos Islands or Florida Everglades. Passionate community members formed the Grand Island Nature Alliance (GINA) to preserve and protect this critical habitat.


Meet our Steering Committee

Grand Island Nature Alliance is made up of individuals residing on the Island that aim to advocate for the environment. 

Sonia Merkel

Michelle Lockett

Diane Evans

Peggy Koppmann

Roger Cook

Mari McNeil

Hannah Fischer

Meg Pietras

Anita Wierzba

Robbyn Drake

Kristen Cascio

Michael Ziolkowski

Laurie Young

Suzanne Tomkins

Paula Thomas